Assault Gaming Kit

Upgrade your gaming setup with the powerful Assault Combo Gaming Set. This comprehensive kit includes a gaming keyboard, an 8D gaming mouse, a gaming headset, and a mouse pad – everything you need to dominate the virtual battlefield.


The Assault Combo Gaming Keyboard features a mesmerizing rainbow backlight, adding a captivating aura to your gaming environment. With a customized layout and 105 keys, you'll have the ultimate control at your fingertips. The 1.5m standard PVC cable ensures seamless connectivity and reliability.

Conquer every challenge with the 8D Gaming Mouse equipped with an advanced IC (193IC). The mouse boasts a 1.5m cable for unrestricted movement and offers four DPI settings (800/1200/2400/3200) for enhanced accuracy and speed.

Experience immersive soundscapes with the Assault Combo Gaming Headset. The 3.5+USB cable, equipped with a captivating backlight, measures 2 meters to provide flexibility during intense gaming sessions. With crystal-clear audio quality and a comfortable fit, you'll stay in the zone for hours.

Enhance your mouse's performance with the optimized Assault Combo Mouse Pad. Measuring 30230.2cm, this pad provides a smooth surface for precise tracking and improved mouse control.

Upgrade your gaming arsenal with the Assault Combo Gaming Set and dominate every virtual battlefield. Experience precision, comfort, and style like never before. Elevate your gameplay and unleash your full potential. Grab your Assault Combo Gaming Set now and prepare to conquer